About the authors
Polina: «Traveling has always been my biggest passion. I used to travel a lot with my parents when I was younger. When I moved to the Netherlands it became so much easier to explore Europe. My passion for traveling is also the main reason I started blogging - to share my travels with other people. With the launch of Instagram sharing travel photos and tips became much easier and I get inspired by other travel bloggers/photographers on the platform every day.»
Polina Burashnikova
Kate: «Traveling isn't just my hobby it's my source of energy, inspiration and love for life. Every new trip is like a new book and I am the author! There's nothing like this feeling of exploring hidden corners, trying new food and meeting new people with their unique stories.»
Ekaterina Butko
There are plenty of travel guides available at the moment. However, Instagram completely changed the way people travel and share their experiences. Finding those places is never easy and you can spend hours on Pinterest and Instagram pinning and saving the most beautiful locations.

This is why we decided to do all the work for you and create a collection of travel guides with the most instagrammable places in different cities around the world.

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